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Denture Process

When Dr. Ghattas makes a new denture for a patient, it’s like creating a special set of teeth just for them. She starts by checking the patient’s mouth to see what’s needed. Then take pictures and measurements to make sure the denture fits perfectly. 

Then, a team of experts makes the denture custom-fit for the patient. After it’s ready, she helps the patient try it on and makes any adjustments to make sure it’s super comfy. We also teach the patient how to take care of the denture so it stays nice and lasts a long time. 

The dentist’s job is to make sure the patient can eat, talk, and smile comfortably with their new denture, and they’re always there to help if there are any questions or issues.

We understand that your smile is a vital part of your confidence and well-being. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch, same-day denture solutions tailored to the unique needs of Paramus residents.

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